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When I was a kid I saw an episode of Mushi-Shi in passing and loved it. Unfortunately I didn't know what it was. Now I'm finally reunited with it on the Funimation channel on YouTube.

This show is so beautiful and calming. I love the poetry of each episode. I also love how the show is so relaxed an aimless. No strong and angst filled goals are guiding the main character (so far). He just travels, researches, and helps people (like a doctor). It really hits the spot when I'm stressed out :)

So far I'm on episode 10 and I finally noticed a recurring character besides Ginko.
Also, don't watch this in anything but Japanese with SUBs. In the DUB version you miss the lazy down to earth quality of Ginko's voice, the poems loss the pace and sound of the original Japanese, and some of the deep messages and flow of the story is distorted . Its worth it to make the effort to read the subtitles.


Favorite Yaoi Couple

I've been asked to post my favorite yaoi couple. I don't have a specific favorite. It was hard to pick, there were two couples fighting for my number one spot: 

Seyun and Yoojin from U Don't Know Me by Na Yeri -tied with- Kenji and Eihiko of Koi ga Bokura wo Yurusu Hani by Motoni Modoru.


In both stories the characters are well developed and have a strong connection. Where Seyun and Yoojin are both strong guys that bump heads, Kenji and Eihiko are bizarre and well-matched. They all know themselves, and are confident and comfortable with their masculinity. None of them are, or try to be, effeminate. Their personalities are unique and consistent. If something changes in the story, it's mostly because they choose to change things. I like how close they are throughout the whole series, and all the little details that show their affection for each other. 

There are too many deep themes. Also there are a lot of laughs. I always find myself going back to these stories for a satisfying read. 

Some other favorites are: Doushitemo FuretakunaiDarenimo Ai Sarenai, and Concrete Garden.


Feb. 5th, 2011

I tried a strange combination yesterday.
Bacon dipped in chocolate. I know it sounds just wrong and too decadent, but it is a surprisingly a great mix of flavors and textures. Salty and sweet, savory and with that faint bitterness of chocolate. And then there was the soft melting of the chocolate beside the crispiness of the bacon.
I hope people out there will open their minds and try some. And if you can, try it with a good beer :)
Just don't over do it. Like most things in life, too much is dangerous. Trust me chocolate dipped bacon is definitely in that category.


Sep. 18th, 2010

Actually I've been a member of Live Journal since 2007, but this will be my first post.
You can read about who I am in my profile so I guess I'll just talk a little about something I had yesterday that smelled delicious.

While out with some friends I tried Pumkin Ale for the first time. The first thing you notice when you go in for a sip is the smell. You have to pause and breath it in. It smelled like pumpkin pie. Then, when you sip, the beer taste is surrounded by it, yum ^_^
When we traded drinks, everyone had to pause and breath the pumkin ale in for a second.
I had a similar experience with strawberry beer and now I always have to try any sweet or fruity sounding flavor at a bar. But don't let the fruit part fool you, this beer was 9% alcohol, which is pretty high for beer.

On another note my sister had a hard apple cider. First thing you think is that it smells a bit like piss. But if you can get over that, it tastes like naughty apple juice :)

Hope those of you out there who drink, can take the time to savor the art of some crafty small brewers. It's really worth it sometimes.




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